About Us

About Us

Everstruct engulfs a team of leading engineers, architects, designers, project managers, builders, plumbers and tradespeople that share the common passion of building modern, durable, practical and quality homes.

Whether you are planning a refurbishment, a renovation, a simple alteration or a new construction, the project management can be stressful and demanding. Everstruct will take the con out of your construction process to leave you with an ever impressive structure.

We will offer you a personalised service that is tailored to meet your budget and lifestyle.


Why Everstruct?

  • Everstruct is a licensed and insured Australian company that is founded on 12 years of experience
  • Everstruct is a proud member of HIA, DIA and Engineers Australia
  • Everstruct offers specialised structural engineering, architecture and interior design services;
  • Everstruct offers construction, renovation, extension and demolition services;
  • Everstruct specialises in customised and commercial shop fittings and bathroom rennovations;
  • Everstruct’s services are all provided in-house and not subcontracted for quality assurance and close monitoring of performance;
  • Everstruct provides a 7-year structural guarantee on all completed work;
  • Everstruct provides a 7-year warranty on all workmanship;
  • Everstruct provides a 7-year warranty on all waterproofing;
  • Everstruct will offer you obligation free and cost free quotes.
  • Everstruct is your one stop shop that guarantees quality work, meets your deadline, respects your budget and secures you peace of mind.

Whatever your dreams or needs are, we have the capacity and resources to deliver a project that meets both your needs and budget. We understand your needs and value your time and money.

Our Team

Our Team is built on qualification, expertise and experience so we can build and build with confidence.  Everstruct’s teams is comprised of:

  • Qualified Civil and Structural Engineers;
  • Qualified Interior Architects and Designers;
  • Licensed Builders;
  • Licensed Plumbers; and
  • Expert Trades People.

Everstruct are Members of HIA, Engineers Australia and proud supporters of the State Emergency Services – SES